Friday, August 30, 2013

Redcat Racing Rampage Chimera EP Pro 1/5 TH Scale Brushless SandRail

Well this Rail just showed up on the Redcat sight and it looks like a cool car . It seems to be using a similar chassis to their Rampage XB-E and seems to have a slightly higher KV motor . I think the overall look is pretty good but I think I would have prefered a wing similar to the one used on the Mirage 1/8th scale buggy.  

In Stock   

Manufacturer Description and spec:

Instant power is what you get from the Rampage Chimera EP Pro. This 1/5 scale electric large scale sand rail includes dual 11.1v LIPO Batteries, 2.4GHz remote control, 100% assembled and a lot more.  With its powerful 150A electronic speed controller and brushless motor, the Rampage Chimera EP Pro will impress!

Motor Type
Brushless Motor 1220KV
Single Speed
Drive System
4 Wheel Drive
Chassis Type
4mm Aluminum 6061T6
Aluminum Body Oil Filled
Speed Control
Brushless ESC 150A
Qty. 2 - 11.1v 3600mAh LIPO & Charger Included
Radio System
2.4GHz Radio System

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Turnigy Infrared Thermometer (-33 ~ 180Celsius) (USA Warehouse)

Well been thinking for a long time that I needed a more compact thermometer so I put this into my cart to top it off . Really have no complaints it uses common button cell batteries that are easy to get and seems as accurate as my other thermometers construction seems good but only time will tell. I'll be sure to update this if it ends up dying.

Turnigy Infrared Thermometer (-33 ~ 180Celsius) (USA Warehouse)

Manufacturer's description:

The all new Turnigy temp checker now handles temp up to 356F! making it great for hot glow/gas engines!
Our Turnigy Infrared Thermometer can check the temperature of any Motor, ESC or battery simply by pointing and pressing the button. There is no need to make contact with the object!
An excellent way to check battery or motor temps!
Measuring Range : -33~180C (-27.4~356F)
Operating Range : 0~50C (32~122F)
Full Range Accuracy : +/- 2.5C, 2.5%
Distance :2~40cm
Emissivity Range : 0.95 fixed
Wave Length : 5um~14um
Power Supply : LR44X2
Spot Range: 1:1 (1mtr distance measures 1mtr spot size)
Display shown in Celsius/Centigrade & fahrenheit.


Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 14AWG 12AWG red black

Well I got my second batch of wire from hobbyking and its just as good as before.I can say I that I fully endorse this product and will continue to buy more . The silicon used is top quality and the wire itself has proven to be very  flexible and still resist to internal breakage.

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 14AWG (1mtr) BLACK (USA warehouse)

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 14AWG (1mtr) Red(USA warehouse

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 12AWG (1mtr) BLACK (USA warehouse)

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 12AWG (1mtr) Red (USA warehouse)

Manufacturer's description:
High quality TURNIGY Silicone wire.
High strand count.
Pure copper & pure silicone.
Temp rating: 200Deg C

STRC Alum Front Hinge-Pin Brace Associated SC10/B4/T4

Picked this up when I made my Tower Hobbies order for my B4.2RS and it seems that it is a reasonably quality piece as it is machined accurately and fits well . I do wish the anodizing was a bit thicker or more durable as I have already scratched it in a few places and eventually it will be more silver than gray but since I bought this for its improved strength  vs the stock piece and its low cost I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

Manufacturer part # STC9665GM

Manufacturer description:

  This is the ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Aluminum Front Hinge-pin Brace
                    FEATURES: The CNC machined aluminum front hinge-pin brace gives more strength and durability to the front suspension of your SC10, B4 or T4.  The blue anodizing matches up to the Associated blue while the other colors can be a part of the final touches to customizing your Associated off-road vehicle to a different color, making it stand out from others out there.  Try converting your entire car to Red, Silver or Gun metal.

          This brace is gunmetal gray in color.

SPECS:    length: 47mm  (1-11/16")
          width:  8.3mm (5/16")
          height: 7mm   (9/32")

HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A (USA Warehouse)

Well I bought this to replace my converted PC power supply when I go to the track . After using this for a few days it seems to do a good job of powering my 50 watt charger . It does not get as hot as many of my Laptop power supplies I have owned and think that should lead to a long life span . If it has a long life do not expect to hear much about this little guy but if dies soon I'll be sure to update this post.

Also for those wondering this power supply is rated at 75 watts.

HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A (USA Warehouse)

Manufacturer's description:

HobbyKing Power Supply 100~240v 5A
Input: AC100 ~ 240v 50/60Hz (International)
Output: DC15v 5A
CE approved


Monday, August 19, 2013

JConcepts 3348 Mono - B4.1 | B44.1 | RB5 - 12mm hex rear wheel - 4 pc.

Well I picked up a set of these rear rims or technically,Well these come as a set of 2 pair of rear wheels and frankly where a great deal  I found the bead surface allowed me to glue the Team losi tires I planned to use much easier than the Team Associated rims I had bought at first and now see lots of Jconcepts rims in my future if for no other reason than their low cost . Now I actually paid less for the 2 pair of jconcept rims vs what I paid for 2 pair of team Associated rims and In my humble opinion the Jconcepts rims are a much more rugged design. I see these lasting for a good long while .

Manufacturer's description :

Mono - B4.1 | B44.1 | RB5 - 12mm hex rear wheel (white or yellow) - 4pc
Part # - 3348
(fits B4.1 / B44.1 rear with JC #2091 12mm clamping rear hex)
For many years the standard option on the Team Associated 2wd vehicles has been a proven bearing front wheel and pin-drive rear wheel setup.   Times have changed, JConcepts - Mono 12mm hex wheels are the latest accessory available for the Team Associated B4.1 buggy.    With the recent release of the Team Associated’s 12mm hex conversion, converting to a more durable interchangeable wheel setup is easier than ever.   JConcepts replacement wheels are designed in the popular dish style and available in bright white and fluorescent yellow.   When Team Associated makes an update, JConcepts delivers.
The new Mono wheels are the maximum size allowed under ROAR rules and make a statement with their large appearance, slight concave dish shaped design and superior inner rib design.   The wheels incorporate an outer glue catch that resists excess glue from running down the wheel face during the gluing process.  JConcepts wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure trueness and durability and are branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity. 
To use the 12mm hex wheel on the B4.1 it requires JConcepts part # 2091 clamping hex for the rear and the Team Associated hex conversion for front along with JConcepts part # 2135 clamping front hex.  
Mono 12mm hex wheels are a direct bolt-on and correct offset wheel for the Kyosho RB5 line of buggies.   Please note while running these wheels on the Kyosho RB-5 its necessary to run a locking style wheel nut JC #2089 (blue) or #2090 (black) in the rear to have proper thread engagement into the wheel nut.  JConcepts front wheels are only designed for running the standard configuration width (wide width) in the front.  Running without a locking rear wheel nut or running the front-end in a narrow configuration can cause potential problems.
  • Popular dish styling and detail
  • 4 wheels included per package
  • Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow
  • Vent holes
  • Advanced manufacturing process and durable material
  • Fits Kyosho RB5 as a direct fit
  • Fits B4.1 front, B4.1 / B44.1 rear with adaptors

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flat 26AWG servo wire 1mtr (R/B/W) Servo Terminals (JR) Gold Plated (10pairs/set)

Well with my third order to Hobby King I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had added these 2 items .  I have needed these two for quite some time as it seems I have two or three esc's that need their receiver wire repaired not mention the four-five servos that need repaired. 

Given the low cost of these items I am extremely happy with there quality I actually had to work pretty hard to damage the wire and its silicon sleeving unless it comes in contact with something sharp (hobby knife etc) the sleeve is quite resilient  . 
Flat 26AWG servo wire 1mtr (R/B/W) (USA warehouse)

Flat 26AWG servo wire 1mtr

Make your own custom servo wires.
Combine this with our servo plugs to form your own custom sizes to perfectly fit your model and save weight.
Made with quality soft silicon wire.


Servo Terminals (JR) Gold Plated (10pairs/set) (USA warehouse)

Servo Terminals (JR) Gold Plated (10pairs/set)


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First run on a track

Well went to the track yesterday for some practice, sadly I forgot to take pictures with the RC10B4.2RS and it went like I figured I had the wrong tires . I did do something I didn't  expect and that was to fry my esc I swapped the positive and negative bullets for my battery and instantly had smoke rolling out of the ESC but surprisingly it still worked just fine that is till I plugged my programing card in . After that it no longer functioned.So dont do that. I figure next time should go a bit better since I picked up a few more pairs of rims to mount up some new tires options . Now I just have to decide which esc I need to replace the one I ruined.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Well Traxxas brought out a new model that no one predicted TELLURIDE 4X4 (#67044)

Well I think no one saw this coming a especially me a new Skill level 1 Vehicle for the Traxxas line up . 
Now Several people have said that that they think the SSP: of $299 is is too high but given that the street price will be a bit lower I think its about right . Basicly this is a brushed Stampede 4X4 with Slash tires and a lot of cost saving corner cutting . Now to be Honest I like it its a bit different and I think it fit in the line up just right . I think this guy will be be selling like hotcakes to first timers who wants a 4X4.
Length:16.73" (425mm)
Front Track:11.06" (281mm)
Rear Track:11.06" (281mm)
Weight:83.42oz (2.37 kg)
Height (overall):9.06" (230mm)
Wheelbase:10.75" (273mm)
Front Shock Length:Long
Rear Shock Length:XXLong
Front Tires (pre-glued):Kumho replica 2.2"
Rear Tires (pre-glued):Kumho replica 2.2"
Front Wheels:2.2" satin chrome, black beadlock-style
Rear Wheels:2.2" satin chrome, black beadlock-style
Speed Control Type:XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control
Motor (electric):Titan® 12T 550 (12-turn)
Steering Servo:#2056 High Torque Waterproof
Transmitter:TQ 2.4GHz Radio
Receiver:#6519 3-Channel Micro
Drive Ratio (overall):19.69 (stock, out-of-box)
Differential Type:Hardened Steel Bevel, Sealed, Limited Slip
Gear Pitch:48-Pitch
Transmission:Shaft-Driven, Direct Drive 4WD
Steering:Dual-Bellcrank with Integrated Servo Saver
Chassis Type:Modified Tub
Chassis Material:Composite Nylon
Radio System:TQ 2.4GHz 2-channel
Body:ProGraphix, Traxxas Telluride 4X4
Skill Level:1
Battery Tray Dimensions:142mm x 48.5mm x 23mm, 25mm
Included Batteries:Traxxas Power Cell
Battery (NiMH, 7-C Stick)
Required Batteries:4 "AA" (transmitter)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cheap speed or effiecancy Hobbyking Style

So you have a car that you want go as fast as possible run a long time on a charge with as little coin as you can . Well the first thing you need is voltage so a 4s pack is a good place to start. Then you need a motor that can handle 14.8 volts of raw power so something in the 3000kv range sounds good . Then you need a esc that can handle 4s voltage and a good deal of amperage. pretty standard recipe.How about all that for $76.00 + shipping now theres somthing special . Now the motor I have listed is not available i the USA warehouse yet but I'm sure it will be eventually and the battery I have listed is normally out of stock "didn't say this would be easy just cheap".

Turnigy 5000mAh 4S1P 14.8v 20C hardcase pack (USA Warehouse)$24.19

HobbyKing Brushless Car ESC 60A w/ Reverse$27.99

So how fast will this make your car I can't say for sure but according it should be fast and run for ever on a charge.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Competition to the HobbyKing Basher 1/8th Nitro Circus MT Updated 10/30/13

Well since a Price point had been given out of $250 dollars for the Basher I think It would be fair to take a look at its competition .

Now for the most part there are not a lot of 1/8th scale monster trucks in this price range but assuming that this is going to be sold ARR needing a radio and Batteries I think it safe to assume adding a few additional dollars to your budget would be suggested . The great thing is you can mild or wild with picking the stuff to go with this truck and in many cases it is a better deal to buy these items separately so keep that in mind when shopping This list will start from Low to high and these prices are not list prices but retail.

So here is our base line .

HobbyKing Basher 1/8th Nitro Circus MT 
RTR $322.06  ARR $279.00


Powerful 2075KV Brushless Inrunner Motor
80A Brushless ESC w/ Reverse
4S or 2x 2s Lipo Battery w/ HXT 4mm Connector (Required)
15Kg Heavy Duty Steering Servo

    Full time 4WD
    Steel front, center and rear sealed differentials
    Hardened steel pinion gear
    Heavy duty drive shafts
    Hardened metal drive cups
    Full ball bearings


3.5mm alloy chassis plate
Adjustable screw shock absorbers
Oil filled, big bore shock absorbers
3.5mm shock shaft
Adjustable toe-in and toe-out
Adjustable camber and castor
Independant wishbone suspension
Officially licensed Nitro Circus engraving


Length: 577mm
Width: 480mm
Height: 314mm (To top of cab)
Ground clearance: 110mm (Adjustable)
Battery area: 138mm x 46mm x 25

First contender 

Integy i8MT 4x4 Brushless RTR 1/8 $240.49

FEATURES:Chassis: 0.14" (3.5mm) thick aluminum with plastic side guards
Drive: Four wheel shaft
Differentials: Three bevel gear type
Motor:Brushless, 3674 size 1510kV with heatsink motor mount and cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation
Radio: GT3 2.4GHz with high-torque steering servo
Electronic Speed Control: 80A continuous, 380A burst current, with XT-60 battery plug (see battery recommendations)
Shocks: Composite body big bore oil filled
Tires: All terrain 3.25" (82.5mm) wide, 6" (152mm) diameter with foam inserts
Wheels: Six spoke plastic black in color, 3.4" (87mm) diameter, 2.2" (56mm) wide
Bumpers: Front and rear plastic
Body: Trimmed and painted polycarbonate
Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis
Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
Ball Bearings: Full set included
Includes:RTR i8MT Monster Truck with Brushless Motor, 2.4GHz Radio, High-Torque Steering Servo, Motor Cooling Fan, Painted Body, Decals and Instruction Manual
Requires:AA Batteries: Eight for transmitter
Battery: 11.1V LiPo 3S (A connector to match the selected battery will have to be soldered to the ESC leads if not using a battery with an XT60 connector)Battery Charger: To match selected battery
Maintenance and track equipment Vehicle
Length: 20.5" (521mm)Width: 14" (356mm)Wheelbase: 12.5" (317mm)Weight: 8.2lbs (3719.5g)BodyLength: 16.8" (427mm)Width: 6.9" (176mm)Height: 4.9" (126mm)

Team Magic E6 Trooper Electric Monster Truck RTR w/H.A.R.D. 2.4GHz Radio System $317.00

E6 Trooper Features: 
  • THOR Brushed ESC
  • THOR 775 Power motor
  • HARD 2.4GHz radio system and heavy duty metal gear servo 
  • Hardened steel transmission gears
  • 4mm aluminum shock towers
  • 6061 aluminum spur gear linkage plate
  • High quality bearings
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Aluminum servo horn
  • 3.8" chrome wheels and 5.575 all terrain tires
  • Center driveshaft dust cover
  • Hardened steel CVA driveshafts
  • Tub style chassis
  • ESC protection cover
  • Super strong long travel suspension 
HARD 2.4GHz Specifications: Channels: 2
RF Power: Less than 20dbm
Modulation: GFSK
Code Type: Digital
Sensitivity: 1024
Low Voltage Warning: Yes (less than 9V)
DSC Port: Yes (3.5mm)
Charger Port: Yes
Power: 12V DC (8 AA Batteries)
Weight: 328g
Antenna Length: 26mm
Size: 159x99x315mm
Certificate: CE FCC

E6 Trooper Specifications:
Length: 500mm
Width: 410mm
Height: 220mm
Wheelbase: 350mm
Track: Front-410mm; Rear-410mm
Ground Clearance: 76mm
Weight: Approx 4290g
Needed to Complete: 
  • (8) AA Batteries for transmitter
  • (2) 7.2V Rechargeable Batteries & Compatible Charger

Redcat Earthquake 8E Brushless Electric Truck $329.99

1/8 Scale 
Fully Assembled, Ready to Run
4 Wheel Drive Shaft System
Chassis Type: Fiberglass
2.4 Ghz Radio Remote Control
Includes remote and manual Specifications:
Ground Clearance: 58 mm
Length: 510 mm
Wheel Base: 325 mm F/R
Height: 250mm
Width: 380mm
Motor Type: Electric Brushless 8T 2400RPM 540
Chassis Type: 3.0mm 6061 Aluminum
Shocks: Oil Filled Big Bore Shocks
Speed Control: Brushless ESC EZRUN-80A
Battery: Dual LIPO 7.4V Batteries (20c 3200mAH 2s) & Charger included
Radio System: Redcat DSM-2C 2.4 Ghz Remote & Receiver

HPI E-Savage Truck with GT Truck Body w/Batteries & Charger $349.99


  • Dual 14.4V high power electric motors
  • Low-mounted dual batteries
  • 8 long travel shocks
  • Savage style TVP chassis
  • HPI GT Speed
    Specifications: Controller (14.4V)
  • Safety protected reverse
  • GT escape charger (with DC 12V adapter)
  • Dual Batteries (HPI GT 7.2V 3300mAh/2pcs)
Length: 455mm (17.91in)
Width: 363mm (14.29in) 0
Wheelbase: 293mm (11.54in)
Tire Size: 138x70mm (5.4x2.8in)
Weight: 9 lbs

Redcat Racing AVALANCHE-XTE Avalanche XTE 1-8 Scale Brushless Electric Truck with 2.4GHz Remote Control $349.99

Motor Type: Electric Brushless.

 Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive.

 Length: 526mm.

 Width: 442mm. 

Height: 230mm. 
Wheelbase: 365mm. 
Ground Clearance: 60mm. 
Chassis Type: 6061 Aluminum. 
Shocks: Oil filled Big Bore Shocks. 
Speed Control: Brushless ESC 80A. 
Battery: Dual LIPO 7.4V Batteries (20c 3600Mah 2s) and Charger Included. 
Radio System: 2.4GHz Radio System.

Iron Track Raider MegaE8MTL 1:8 SCALE RTR 4WD Brushless Monster Truck  $369.00

2.4ghz Transmitter and Receiver
11.1v 2700mah Battery Pack 
3674 2075kv Motor
S8A 80amp Brushless ESC
9KG Metal Geared Servo

Length: 596mm
Width: 403mm
Height: 248mm
Wheelbase: 370mm

Required to Run:
2-3cell Li-Po charger
AA Batteries for Transmitter
Not recommended as It and its brothers have more durability issues than others in this price point.

1/8Th EP Mad Beast Monster Truck Racing Edition Ready to Run w/ 540L Brushless Motor/ ESC/ Lipo Battery $369.00

2 Channel 2.4ghz Exceed RC Radio System
540L (36x65mm) 2150kv Sensorless Brushless Motor
XeRun 80A-R Programmable ESC 2-4S LiPo 3A @ 5.75v
ND1009 Metal Geared Steering Servo
Two 3mm thick aluminum chassis plate
8 Aluminum body shocks w/ adjustable threaded collars
Aluminum steering hub
Hardened & Coated Steel Gears 
Multi-piece Anti-Sway Bars
Fully Sealed Ball Bearing Set
Robust Slipper Clutch Assembly
Two 7.4v Li-Po 3300mah 20C Cont / 40C Burst batteries included
Pistol 2.4Ghz Remote Control Radio
This item Does NOT come with Charger

Redcat Racing Terremoto 1/8 Scale Brushless Electric Monster Truck. $379.99

Motor Type
Electric Brushless KV 2260
Forward and Reverse
Drive System
4 Wheel Drive
240mm Without Body
Ground Clearance
95mm Adjustable
Qty 4 Big Bore Oil Filled Aluminum Adjustable
Speed Control
Waterproof 80A ESC
Qty. 2 - 7.4v 3200mAh 20c LIPO & Charger Included

Radio System
2.4GHz Radio System

Now this is not a complete list but a grouping of the low end 1/8th scale models (less than $400) that are available in the US at this time. All of these trucks are relatively comparable With the exception of the HPI it does have a bit more parts support but it also has a less powerful brushed system.The Team Magic truck is a little out of its element being compared to these trucks as well since parts support in the US is spotty/ possibly less than any of the other's listed here and it is powered by a brushed system .

Now with the information in front of you you're probably  wondering what the batteries and radio are worth to you as to be completely honest you should just forget the included chargers with the RTR's exist, as to be frank there a joke .

A basic 2.4ghz radio system 
Price Examples
Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx (USA Warehouse)$19.96
FS-GT2 2.4G 2CH Gun Transmitter w/ Reciever $21.99

best batteries listed in the RTR's are 2 x 3600 mah 2s 20c packs 
Price Examples
ZIPPY Flightmax 4000mAh 2S1P 25C Car Lipoly 2x $15.50