Sunday, August 16, 2015

Looks like Redcat Is getting ready to rerelease the Terremoto line

Redcat Racing released the 1/8th scale Terremoto  back in late 2013 / early 2014 and was hit with a lawsuit from Traxxas right before the release of the 1/10th scale version Dubbed  T-10 . 

It seems the hold the on the trucks has been lifted and Redcat is looking to have The Version 2.0 models out and available before Christmas . 

So what did they change ? well from these Picks lifted from the Redcat Racing sight and a little paint action hopefully you will be able to tell . 

Now color me confused but the manuals are showing a bell crank set up shown below .

So who knows how everything will end up but I'm still excited and hope to see if the T-10 is worth the wait . 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My list of recommended upgrades and modification for the Redcat Racing Ground Pounder ( part 3)

Lets see  for the third installment I'm gonna bounce around a bit .

Number 1:
Well the next thing on my recommend things to do is to lower the battery / electronics tray as low as it can go . and rotate 180 degrees. I pretty much took the chassis down to 2 bare plates took several measurements made sure my holes where going to be square and drilled away . I left about 3 mm worth of clearance between the spur and plate . Please note that moving the tray will lower the center of gravity a lot the only negative is that the motor will be lowered as well and the up travel of the suspension will be lowered .  I rotated the tray to move the battery to the front , it also corrects the motor rotation as the factory setup has the motor rotating opposite of its intended design .
Red is the factory holes Green is the holes I drilled and am currently using .

Number 2:
Body post are high on my list as the stock ones are pretty breakable . I have installed post by CRP they use slightly bigger screws so drilling will be required but they are about as beefy as you can get .

Number 3:

I think my next suggestion is to install a external BEC such as   Hobbyking YEP 20A HV (2~12S) SBEC w/Selectable Voltage Output  .  The speed control / most speed controls do not supply enough power for the stock servo to operate at its peak performance . In this case the stock ESC's BEC is rated at 2 amps and 5.0 volts the external BEC will provide 6.0 volts and will increase the servo speed by ruffly 24% . The increase number of available amps will help stabilize the voltage and increase torque . This will be even more evident when using 4 wheel steering .

Number 4:
I suppose my next recommendation would be to upgrade the rear driveshaft as under load the yokes can deform and separate leaving you will a front wheel drive monster truck . Redcat Racing has one available and the price is pretty reasonable but due to slop in the assembly and the soft aluminum used I do not recommend it in high powered applications or if lots of gritty mud is expected as I feel they will wear out fast . I find my self looking at steel driveshafts meant for crawler applications as a good replacement . under the right conditions the front driveshaft may need upgraded but so far I have not needed to upgrade .