ZD Racing Zmt-10 / Turnigy Stadium King 2wd page

Hopefully if this works out as planned this page will lead to everything about the ZD Racing ZMT-10 RC Truck / Turnigy 2wd Stadium King truggy. .


damage so far

broke-it 1.2 servo

To download the Manual Click this link

To buy the Turnigy version of this truck click here

Parts can be bought here


Closer look

First drive 

Better driving video

Why are there extra steering and camber links

Gps speed run

Broke it 1.0

Broke it 1.1 what broke

Baseball diamond 

rough terrain

rougher terrain

Rougher terrain 15 Turn motor

SNOW brushless 2S 7.4volt driving video Turnigy1/10th Stadium King / ZD Racing ZMT-10

Running BRUSHLESS and seeing how far she will fly .


  1. I didnt know where to ask this but do you know where i can buy parts for a pti crawler i found one website that has parts but they sent me a message saying they closed down i hope you can help

    1. Really I don't know much about PTI Racing . I did know they made the Goliath but that was about it . Umm pretty much ebay is your best bet plus a lot of research .