Wednesday, September 6, 2017

AR15 A2 buttstock extender I finally found one 09/01/2017

Everyone who has fired multiple firearms know that some firearms just fit some people better than others .
I myself am not a small individual at just a hair under 6'3'' and weighing in around 275 Lbs. tend to like Firearms on the bigger side .
Normally I can adjust myself to were something is usable but If it something I wanna keep I want it to fit me the way I want to use it .
A while back I assembled my first AR15 . I had shot one before but never owned one and for the most part this was a M4 ish milspec ish build .

The first thing I decided was that I was not comfortable shooting the gun .
The first thing I noticed was that when shooting in my preferred stance . My wrist was at a uncomfortable angle and I didn't like the position of my elbow or the angle my arm was bending at .
I was really kinda shocked as I have guns with a similar length .
After doing some comparisons to other rifles I have with pistol grips I came to the conclusion to make it more usable I needed a more vertical grip angle .
What I also realized was that to get what I really wanted and what comfortable with I was gonna a longer length of pull .
I being a cheap Individual Most of the Collapsible stock options cost more than I want to spend and were not gonna let me gain the inch + that I wanted .
I pretty quickly decided A2 buttstock was the cheapest place to start after hearing about a product from DPMS It was a 1 inch buttstock extender .

Problem was the dang thing was discontinued . " How hard could it be to find one"
At least for me it has been hard to find one new ,used, or otherwise.

In the mix of looking I see Knights Armament was making one but it was discontinued as well .
After looking for several months I finally found some one who is making one .

This wonderful company the answer to my prayers is 
"Buttstock Extender Add's 1/2", 1", 1-1/2", or 2" to Overall Length of buttstock. Can be used with any standard length stock that has a standard length buffer tube."
Hallelujah .