Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Redcat Racing R.C.'s just in time for Christmas

As disappointing as it is that Redcat Racing is currently not selling the Terremoto 1/8th scale monster truck and  hasn't been able to ship any of the Terremoto-10 's out to market due to some issues . The company is steam rolling right on ahead with a few new additions jointing there lineup just in time for christmas .

First and for most the Blackout XTE that will be available in both brushed and brushless  versions .

This Truck isn't as huge as the Terremoto-10 but falls right in line with the majority of 1/10th scale Monster trucks out there .  Best I can figure this truck was originally meant to be sold as the Terremoto-10 's cheaper little brother and I think it is meant to replace both the volcano and the caldera lineups as its MSRP. undercuts both lines .

Brushless price compare:

MSRP. $229.99

MSRP. $249.99

MSRP. $259.99

Brushed price compare :

MSRP. $149.99

MSRP. $159.99

Now as far as features design etc. this truck doesn't really break any molds and I don't see it setting the world on fire but what I do think its going to be is a reliable platform and a exceptional value . By the way Redcat is including a 3200 Mah lipo battery and a basic lipo charger with the brushless version just to up the ante a bit  .

I have also changed the compation to the Terremoto-10 to include the Blackout XTE.

Now on to the 2 other soon to be released trucks .

The Everest-10 and Everest 1/16th scale Rock crawlers .


Now These Crawlers May look familiar to you as they did to me . The OEM manufacture is HSP and they have a couple of variations of these crawlers being sold under various Brand names . The most notable name these are sold under is the Maxstone name . They are generally regarded as very good crawlers for first time buyers .

I just want to build a mini monster truck with one :-)