Saturday, June 15, 2013

ZIPPY Flightmax 4000mAh 2S1P 25C Car Lipoly (ROAR APPROVED)

2 year plus update Link

I heard really good things about this pack and with them being the cheapest hardcase packs ($15.50) on hobby kings site I just had to give them a try and see what they were made of .
Well I started by checking the voltages when I got these in . One pack was at a little down with cell 1 at 3.84 and cell 2 at 3.85 . The second pack which by the warranty number was a bit newer was at 3.86 on both cells so in my opinion things looked pretty good from the start . I then solder on a couple of dean's style T-connectors and proceeded to charge the packs up . After handling the wiring harness a bit I decided I didn't want to use the stock harness for running in my car or for fast charging and made 2 more harnesses minus the balance plug as it could be damaged . After the packs got done Balance charging I decided to take them for a spin and yes virginia these packs do have some punch dare I say more than the Turnigy 30C 4000mah packs I tried hmm further testing is needed because despite feeling Zippy these packs did warm up a hair bit but that may be due to this being there first outing . After I get a few more cycles on these and the Turnigys I will be updating these post .

This pack has a Relative Amp 25C x 4A = 100rA 
$15.50 / 100rA = 0.155cE the lower the number the Cost Effective

Where to buy it
ZIPPY Flightmax 4000mAh 2S1P 25C Car Lipoly (ROAR APPROVED)

Manufacturer description:

 Zippy FLIGHTMAX batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

Capacity: 4000mAh
Voltage: 2S1P / 2 Cell / 7.4v
Discharge: 25C Constant / 30C Burst
Weight: 235g (including wire, plug & shrink wrap)
Dimensions: 138x47x23mm
Balance PlugJST-XH
Discharge plug: 4mm Bullet-connector to your own custom plug

UPDATE Latest stock has improved soldering and tab joins. Removing previous issues related to 'cold solder' breakages.
Now officialy approved by ROAR for race use!

PRODUCT ID: Z40002S-25

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (T Connector) (USA Warehouse)

Well I got this from the US Warehouse with my last order . I planned on using this to charge my smaller packs for my 1/16th scale and 1/18th scale cars but I have found that this also handy for slow charging my larger packs in bulk . So far I Have no complaints especially when I could have paid a lot more for a very similar product and since I won't be using this to much I think why spend money I don't have.

For those that don't understand the benefits of using this device I will attempt to explain .
If you have a charger that has the ability to charge at a higher and rate then your batteries are recommended to be charged at you are wasting precious time . My personal example would be my GT power X-charger C6 It is rated to charge at up to 6.0 amps when charging a 2s lipo battery pack  rated at 1500mah and a 1c charge rate .  What happens is that this board connects the batteries in parallel to each other and then connects to the charger . The charger only sees the batteries as one big battery when connected like this and when the batteries are connected in parallel the charge rate is divided among them . So if I connect 4 batteries rated at 1500mah and charge them at a 1C  rate then I will be using the full potential of my battery charger .

Now as my public service announcement :

All Batteries That You Plan To Charge Must Be Of The Same Capacity at the minimum but personally I will Only be charging packs of the same rating from the same manufacturer .  

Manufacturer's description :

Charge SIX (2~6S) lipo packs with same capacity & cell count simultaneously with this parallel charging board.

That means you can charge 6 3S 2200mAh or more at the same time with a standard charger!

Spec.Cell: 2~6SVoltage: 0~22.2VDCMax current: 30ABattery: 6 packs same capacity & cell countConnector: T Connector/Jst-xh

PRODUCT ID: 9171000064

Where to buy :
Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (T Connector) (USA Warehouse)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News flash Turnigy Stadium King 2wd truggy / ZD Racing ZMT-10 Brushed motor model is 3s capable

Well I decided just for giggles to see is a 3s lipo would burn up the esc for my ZMT-10 and was surprised to find out that the esc recognized that the pack was a 3s . Normally the esc ( currently in a Clodbuster ) Goes through its little beep sequence and I give it little thought but when I hooked up a 3s lipo to the esc I knew something was different instead of the normal BEEP-BEEPBEEP-BEEP IT WENT BEEP-BEEPBEEPBEEP-BEEP signalling that the voltage cut off recognized that the pack was a 3 cell I couldn't believe it . after driving for a bit the esc showed no heat increase so I feel safe in saying this esc is good to go on 3s lipos but I still recommend a lipo alarm as the voltage cut off is too low for my taste.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hobby King Programming Card for Car ESC (USA Warehouse)

Well it does exactly what it is supposed to do its only downfall is that its construction is primarily a circuit board and card board and it doesn't seem like it would put up with much abuse so I recommend keeping it in a  safe place. I do wish there was a cheat sheet for the buttons as there layout makes it a little hard to remember what the far left and center arrow functions are unless you use it constantly.

According to my research this programing card works with these esc's 

Hobby King Brushless Car ESC 100A w/ Reverse (Upgrade version 


HobbyKing Brushless Car ESC 60A w/ Reverse 


HobbyKing Brushless Car ESC 45A w/ Reverse 


HobbyKing Brushless Car ESC 30A w/ Reverse 


Where to get it .
Hobby King Programming Card for Car ESC (USA Warehouse)

Manufacturer description :

Hobby King  Programming Card for Car ESC 
LED programming card for Hobby King 100A car ESC.


YKS 5000mah 20c lipo batteries my opinion

Well I bought a 5000Mah 20c 2s 7.4 v lipo battery pack from a company in Brooklyn New York .
06/10/13 - 09/01/14 RIP

Minimum Capacity:
 2S1P / 7.4v / 2Cell
Constant Discharge:
Peak Discharge (10sec):
Pack Weight:
Pack Size:
 145mm x 52mm x 30mm
Balance Plug:
Discharge Plug:

I had  good experiences with their smaller batteries as can be found in other parts of this blog but I find myself not being able to recommend this pack and many of their other higher capacity packs .

 This particular pack was the best deal as far as I could see but after getting it  I realized it wouldn't fit anything I owned its several mm wider than a shotgun style NIMH pack  and longer than a 6-cell pack but slightly shorter than a 7-cell pack . This made fitment virtually impossible in almost all my models but my ZD Racing 1/10th scale truck and really it was such a tight fit that It makes me uncomfortable . 

The other problem I had was that the power output in my opinion is low even for a 20c rating I found I could only get reasonable performance for around half the pack after the voltage dropped below 4.0 volts it could not provide the amperage needed for my mild brushless system that I was testing it with . The measured usable  capacity was normally around 3000 Mah .

This pack has a Relative Amp 20C x 5A = 100rA 
$12.99 / 100rA = 0.1299cE the lower the number the Cost Effective

Now looking at this graph it should give you a idea of why my battery didn't meet what most people would expect from the ratings  . To clarify if you don't see what this is showing is that the mah rating was determined at a 1C discharge or a 2.2 amp draw but when a 25C load  was introduced the usable capacity dropped off from 2250 ish to 2050 ish .
Its also Important to note that when a manufacturer uses this method that the gap between the  listed capacity and usable capacity gets bigger as the capacity get bigger . This is one of many reasons why most sellers and battery makers don't use the 1C discharge method to determine battery capacity.

The reason I find it hard to recommend (or even buy ) there other higher capacity and C rated batteries is that for the cost you could be buying a battery that is well known in the hobby community for good performance and value with a more appropriate battery rating  .

Other pack capacities available from YKS are:

7.4V 1600MAH 20C
7.4V 1800MAH 20C
2200mah 7.4v 30C
7.4V 3300MAH 30C 
4000mah 7.4V 20C
4000mah 7.4V 30C
7.4v 4500mAh 30C 
5000mAh 7.4V 20C  
7.4v 5800mAh 25C 

11.1V 1500mah 20C
11.1V 1600MAH 20C
1800mAh 20C 11.1v
11.1V 1800mah 40C
3000mah 3S 11.1v 20c
11.1V 3300MAH 30C
4000mah 3S 11.1v 20c
11.1V 5000MAH 20C 3S
11.1V 5000MAH 40C
5800mah 3S 11.1v 25C 
5800mah 3S 11.1v 30C

2650mah 4S 14.8v 30C
14.8V 5800MAH 30C 4S

3300mah 5S 18.5V 30c
5800mah 5S 18.5V 30c

22.2V 2650MAH 30C 6S
3300mah 6S 22.2v 30c
4000mah 6S 22.2v 20c
5000mah 6S 22.2v 25c

Friday, June 7, 2013

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 10AWG (1mtr) RED and BLACK ( USA WAREHOUSE)

Well seems like I always need wire for something so I bought some from Hobby king and all I can say is wow this is some excellent wire for the price the silicone is some of the best I have ever bought and the wire its self  has a nice balance of flexibility from being a fine strand wire but the strands are big enough that strength should not be compromised .
I ended up purchasing 10 gauge wire mostly because it was in stock at the US warehouse and I hope they add more sizes as time goes on because well 10 gauge wire is a bit overkill in most situations.

So if you need some quality wire for cheap , look and see if they have the size you need .

Manufacturer's description :

High quality TURNIGY Silicone wire.
High strand count.
Pure copper & pure silicone.
Temp rating: 200Deg C
Guage: AWG 10#

PRODUCT ID: R10A1780-06 / B10A1780-06

Where to buy :

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 10AWG (1mtr) RED (USA warehouse

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 10AWG (1mtr) BLACK (USA warehouse)

got my second order from hobby king yesterday

Well I have determined that on my order paying 2 dollars more for 2-3 day shipping was worth it in every way but one . First off my package arrived on  June 6 and I placed my order was placed 
Jun 3, 2013 14:19:47 PDT . Compared to my last order this was like getting bumped to the front of the line. My only complaint is that this shipment was not packaged as well .It wasn't terrible but I was not impressed.

Check back as I post about my recent purchases .