Sunday, February 24, 2013

North Tech Precharged NiMH Batteries - AA Menards®

Well I bought a 4 pack of these batteries from Menards for $5.98  and so far I'm pleased with them. I had been using them for a bit and did the same test that I preformed on the Rayovac's . I used my GT Power X-Charger C6 to discharge the batteries at 1 amp  down to 1 volt each and then recharged them at .5 amp and then a second discharge . The  charger reported a capacity of 2262 Mah . I also used / Tested them in my RC transmitters and used them to power a few Toy grade cars and can definitely tell you that in the toy grade cars there is a noticeable  improvement in power and run time Vs the Rayovac's . 

I love the fact that these are precharged and ready to go like the Rayovac's I was using and have around 50% more capacity for less money . Not to say that I don't like the harbor freight batteries I tried but the fact that these just give up a little capacity for the convenience of them being precharged is what has sold me on these batteries .

Manufacture description 

North Tech Precharged NiMH Batteries - AA
Model Number: AC742 | Menards® SKU: 5755841
Product Description
Ready to use right out of the package.
Holds charge longer than regular NiMH.
Designed to be used with high drain devices.
Dimensions: 4 Pack
Ship Dim: 4.38 x 3.62 x 0.5
Shipping Weight: 1.9 lbs
Vendor: North Tech

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