Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My review Of the Redcat Racing Twister XTG

Well I have owned this truck for a bit and admittedly I have very few runs for the amount of time I have had it . So I'm just going to cut to the chase I'm terminating my usage and ownership of this model due to breakages and the cost associated with said breakages.  I had High hopes that this truck would be durable and take a good bit of abuse , After seeing a review and driving video from a trusted source " Ultimate RC " on You tube of the buggy version . I  really though it would be a good candidate for me to run through its passes. My conclusion is that the additional length of the control arms on the truck and the bigger tires are the main problem they allow additional leverage to be exerted on the components I have been breaking .  

The cost :

Given that the truck sells for around $190 on ebay  $53.74  in parts after less than 5 packs " if  ordered direct from Redcat " is a hard pill to swallow . 


The esc is Hobby wing compatible so a programing card is easy to come by . The esc can also have its firmware upgraded to hobbywing v3.0 spec's . The esc can operate both sensored or non-sensored motor's This means there is alot of bang for buck in the esc department since its ready to power all but the most power full motor's found in 2wd racing . It can also be legal in a stock blinky class with a firmware change ."sensored spec motor is not included"

The included motor is a 540 size senorless brushless motor and is plenty powerful for the model and when combined with a 2s lipo makes the car a bit wheelie happy at low to medium speeds .  

The quality of the shocks is pretty good for a Budget RC I have no complaints about them .

The truck comes with full bearings .

The factory suspension has all the adjustments expected of a RTR racer and if you decide you want to be able to adjust the rear antisquat there is a upgrade kit to add that adjustment as well.

The tires are better than a lot of RTR trucks out there if you plan to play on a track or other packed dirt surface . For general yard play the rears could use longer pins and a bit more space between the pins .

The body is made from a material that is a huge improvement compared to those by other manufactures in this price range.

The battery compartment is large and spacious.

Con's :

Front portion the chassis can not take abuse associated with a brushless 2wd RC stadium truck  the parts in question make this less durable in a "bashing" "fun run " beginner environment than many of the race oriented models on the market .

Servo is of really poor quality even compared to most RTR servo's that are considered poor. 

The included transmitter feels like a toy I wish it had a rubber grip for the steering wheel and the fact it uses a odd number of AA's "3" bothers me .

The rear shocks are mounted at a angle and causes them to sweep towards the rear and causes the shock tower to rub the upper cap and could cause problems with heavy use .  

The front uses a fixed spindle with the bearings located in the rim and the rear uses  cross pin to engage the wheel . This was the standard not to long ago but the industry has for the most part switched to 12 mm wheel hex's on all 4 corner's and this can limit sources for new wheels . 

Well that pretty much all I have to say about this truck I hope you find the information help full .