Friday, January 20, 2017

Century Arms C308 : Hope I can find this kind of accuracy with the right ammo.

I was a bit curious about what the Century Arms C308 accuracy potential was .
I figured I would be happy if it was less than 6 MOA .
But as more reviews are popping up every week It may very well be more accurate than what I thought "with the right ammo" .  

So here are a few quotes from reviews and links to the articals 

I shot the C308 from prone at 100 yards. Five-shot groups from the C308 averaged just under 3.5 inches, with some loads from Black Hills and Federal shooting into just over 2 inches. The best group, produced with the 175-grain Black Hills load, measured 1.55 inches, followed closely by a Federal Gold Medal Match group measuring 1.58 inches.

The best group, shot, like all of these groups, at 100 yards with sandbag rests and the Lucid L5 rifle scope mounted to the rail, was turned in by HotShot’s 146 grain .308:

Best accuracy at 100 yards was achieved with Buffalo Bore 175-Grain Sniper ammo, but handloads, Set Point, and Federal Gold Match did almost as well.

The steel-cased Wolf ammo I had on hand was fun but not particularly accurate, delivering around 3.5-inch groups. My best was actually a 1.3-inch group with Hornady Zombie Max ammo

Can't wait till I have a wide enough selection to spend a day seeing what will do the best in my rifle .

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Cetme / Century C308 spare parts are cheap .

I am a self admitted pack rat  and I can be a bit obsessive when I find something interesting .

I don't think I have bought one gun with out buying accessories for it  .

Spare parts are something I like to keep around and some don't count them as accessories but I do . Parts kits for the Cetme rifles are cheap " well even parts individually are pretty cheap".

CETME Model C Parts Kit, .308/7.62mm 

Everything but a barrel and receiver "yes a few parts need converted to semi auto " and now you have a wood stock set  so you add some color to your all black  C308

>< $174.99

CETME Model C Rifle Armorer's Kit, 7.62X51

These are loaded with good parts and tools . Now whats actually included is a luck of the draw deal but normally the part listed most frequently missing is the magazine loader .