Monday, June 23, 2014

Will your next monster truck be from Redcat Racing " Redcat Racing Terremoto-10 1/10 "

Redcat Racing has been importing and selling many R.C. products for a number of years some of the products haven't really been the greatest . They have how ever brought many people to the hobby with their low cost Vehicles that may not have joined our ranks due to the high cost of the hobby . Recently Redcat Racing has been very active in introducing the Terremoto 1/8th scale monster and they have been very involved with the people who have purchased the truck and making the improvements that they feel are necessary. By acting on the suggestions from their customers the Terremoto 1/8th scale monster truck is sure to be one of the best values in 1/8th scale RC . 

So what do they plan on doing next ? How about a 1/10th scale version . Set to be released mid July RedCat racing will be adding the Terremoto -10 to their lineup . Now don't let the 1/10 scale scale designation fool you . This truck is big In Fact it is much bigger than most of its competition so here is a few pics with measurements to demonstrate.  

In my next post I will feature the main competitors to the Redcat Racing Terremoto - 10 and give a general spec's list and show average street value .