Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Motor's I have tried in the Ground Pounder

This list will grow with time.

Below are a few tables showing the Spec's of the Mabuchi equivalents of the stock motor and a few others that may be of interest .  When looking at the chart's the last 2 digits of the part number denote how many turns the motor is . 

RS-540SH7520(*1)4.8 - 7.27.2234002.401974013.030.631263.2196199870.0
6527(*1)4.8 - 9.69.6234001.60200409.5531.031664.9216220257.0
RS-550PC8019(*1)6.0 - 9.67.2153001.401354010.841.742559.1363370083.0
RS-550VC7525(*1)6.0 - 14.412176001.201573010.158.359495.9549559685.0

Stock 20 turn  540 motor 

On flat ground it has a reasonable amount of speed but has unsatisfactory torque and high temperatures with the stock 23 tooth pinion. Installing a 17 tooth pinion improved things but still wasn't to a level I felt was appropriate .

Pinion Tooth Count: 23
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 3216
Top Speed (MPH): 25.73

Pinion Tooth Count: 17
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 3216
Top Speed (MPH): 19.02

27 turn 540 Mabuchi  

With a 17 tooth pinion temperatures where good top speed was mild but enjoyable . The boost in torque was noticeable.

Pinion Tooth Count: 23
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 2437
Top Speed (MPH): 19.49

Pinion Tooth Count: 17
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 2437
Top Speed (MPH): 14.41

550 19 turn Redcat Racing part # 28446

Don't ask me why the motor is listed as a 19 turn when the code on the can states its a 20 turn all I can say is close enough.

This motor to me is a good first mild upgrade if you can find it on Ebay or such for less than $15 bucks. If its over $20 there are other options out there that can get you essentially the same motor or better for the same cash.

To be honest this is the motor that should have shipped with the Ground Pounder from the factor as it provides a reasonable top speed " but slower than stock" and plenty of torque with the included 23 tooth pinion . If you want a bit more speed you could easily install a bigger pinion and sacrifice a bit of torque for more speed. Or you up the voltage which would be what I would do .

Pinion Tooth Count: 23
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 2125
Top Speed (MPH): 17

Pinion Tooth Count: 33
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 2125
Top Speed (MPH): 24.39

Pinion Tooth Count: 23
Total Voltage: 12.60
Motor KV: 2125
Top Speed (MPH): 25.5

Leopard LBP3650/3.5D 3900KV 4-Poles Inrunner Brushless Motor RTR

Pulled this motor and the ESC from the Redcat Twister I am No longer running . All I can say is wow complete over kill Currently Running this with a 10 tooth Mod 1 pinion and the 43 tooth Mod 1 spur gear . After twisting  2 driveshafts I have lowered the punch level of the HobbyWing / Lansu ESC to 2 and am now lowering the timing to make it more drivable and to help safeguard the fresh shafts till upgraded ones are installed . 


Max VoltageMax
Dia. x Length

Length of
Extend Shaft
Shaft Dia.Weight


Pinion Tooth Count: 10
Spur gear tooth count: 43
Total Voltage: 8.4
Motor KV: 3900
Top Speed (MPH): 25.55

(Not attempted yet )
Pinion Tooth Count: 10
Spur gear tooth count: 43
Total Voltage: 12.6
Motor KV: 3900
Top Speed (MPH): 38.33

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Redcat Racing Gound Pounder Quality .

Well at this time I still like the Ground Pounder but I do have a few words of warning .

Construction quality of 1 I received and the one my step father have has proven to be vastly different.

Examples :

Several screws on my  truck are longer than they need to be .None of these are in places were they are a issue but it seems like they ran out of the right length screws and substituted what ever would work from what they had.

My step dads trucks shocks has had a mild amount of sticktion where the shocks hangup after not being cycled for a bit .

My shocks were horrible after a lot of work the rears are smooth as butter and the fronts are waiting there turn ( expect a post with pictures showing a tear down when I do the fronts ) .

His motor has 30-40 packs minimum through it and despite a hiccup its still chugging along my motor is junk after 5 packs . The arm that holds and applies tension to the brush broke off.

So am I mad NO I bough this RC to modify to my taste.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder spec's

Redcat list some of the spec's for the Ground Pounder but it seems a few  are looking for more detailed information . More will be added as I have time.

Wheel Base 317 mm
Width          336 mm
Axle width  11'' inches hex to hex

Motor 20 turn 540 

ESC waterproof Hobby wing WP-1040

Rim size is 3.2 inch and uses a 12mm hex . Basically Common rims that fit the E-Maxx and T-Maxx will fit if you use 14mm or 17mm wheel  hex's there are lots of options . Most recommend the 3/4 inch stable maxx offset for additional tire clearance.

Tires are 3.2 inch inner diameter and 6.25 on there outer diameter.  

Stock setup doesn't feature foam inserts in the tires

Transmission ratio's and possible wheel speed stock.

Differential Ratio: 3.30
Transmission Ratio: 1.68
Other Ratio: 1
Spur Tooth Count: 81
Pinion Tooth Count: 23
Total Voltage: 8.40
Motor KV: 3216
Tire Diameter (inches): 6.25
Top Speed (MPH): 25.73

Pinion and spur Pitch is standard 48 pitch and not mod.6 as stated on the stock replacement pinion.

The smallest pinion that can be use with the stock spur gear and without altering the stock adjustment channel is a 17 tooth pinion.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

What pitch Is the Redcat Racing Ground Pounder Pinion and spur.

So what did I learn to day .

That Redcat Racing's part's Number BS701-019 is miss labeled . There website states : Pinion Gear 23T (.6 Mod), M3 Screw ~ . This is partially in correct it is a 23 tooth pinion but it not mod .6 / metric 48 pitch it is in fact imperial 48 pitch go figure . So don't waste your money if your looking to gear your Ground Pounder down  on .6 modual pinions as you will burn through a spur in no time.

P.S. if your new to the hobby the best deals on 48 pitch pinion gears is the Robinson Racing Six pack starter set Part # 1050 / 1055 .   
Part #1050 comes with a 16T 18T 20T 22T 24T 26T steel pinions Part # 1055 comes with 15T 17T 19T 21T 23T 25T steel pinion . There a heck of a deal at as each set normally sels for less than $16.00 .

Well I been playing with the Ground Pounder .

I decided early on I wanted more grunt out of the Ground Pounder. So I Swapped the 23 tooth pinion for a 19 tooth pinion and to be honest I feel it needs more torque still If its going to replace the Clodbuster for my purposes .

I played a little to day and shot a little video sadly I forgot to change the camera settings so not the best quality but hey its a running video.

I will soon be adding to the broken parts list its only a matter of time.

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Toy is on its way " Redcat Racing Ground Pounder "

Yup I did it I placed a order for a Ground Pounder I needed something to take care of my Snow driving fix and for the money I cant complain about the durability and performance I have seen from my step-dads truck so expect to see a lot of stuff when it arrives.

Current plans for the future include :

I plan to experiment  with the stock motor and several brushed aftermarket motors but eventually a brushless system will find its way in .

Since the ESC is rated as 3s lipo capable I'm thinking a 20 or 19 turn brushed 550 motor powered with a 3s lipo should be the ultimate budget system for the Ground Pounder just saying . 

Steel spur gear upgrade if necessary but the plastic version will probably do . BS801-014  MPO-017

Home made axle braces " Outlaw Hobby makes  makes some killer looking braces but $79.99 a pair is a

little rich for my blood "

Replacing the  shocks are on my to do list mainly because the stock spring diameter doesn't leave a lot of
options for replacements and replacing them also means I could install longer shocks with more travel.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow snow snow and no 4x4

I'm willing to on record as saying Winter fun Really requires a 4x4 R.C. . Sadly I was dumb enough to sell the Clodbuster and not have a immediate replacement on the way . Hopefully soon I will receive my a new toy for snow duty . But till them I'll just have to sit back and watch my step dad have a blast with his Ground Pounder and if the snow isn't to deep Caldera's . second though  I just might swipe the Ground Pounder when he's not looking .