Friday, September 4, 2015

Magic is in the air as Redcat Racing prepares to bring forth a brother to the Terremoto 1/8th scale " T8"

Redcat Racing has announced that they will be releasing a new line of RC's that they are referring to as Team Redcat racing . 

They have stated that the first vehicle in the new lineup will be the   TR-MT8E Monster truck .

So what is it and where did it come from ? The OEM for this Truck is Team Magic and its model name is E6III HX .

If you don't know who Team Magic is that's understandable they are best known for their onroad cars and don't have a huge following compared to many manufactures in the United States . The good news is that the E6 Series of trucks has been in production for a good while and the Trooper version seemed to develop a  decent following due to its durability . 

One rub that may develop is a lack of speed as noted by Aussie RC Playground while testing the E6III HX . Previous brushless E6 models that I have seen had 6s capable ESC's where the E6III HX has  a 4s capable ESC . 

All in all the truck should be a good platform and I hope they announce the MSRP and spec sheet soon so we can see how the cost stacks up compared to the other 1/8th scale trucks on the market from Traxxas,HPI,Thundertiger,Team Losi , Team Associated ,Arrma , and ETC.