Wednesday, September 6, 2017

AR15 A2 buttstock extender I finally found one 09/01/2017

Everyone who has fired multiple firearms know that some firearms just fit some people better than others .
I myself am not a small individual at just a hair under 6'3'' and weighing in around 275 Lbs. tend to like Firearms on the bigger side .
Normally I can adjust myself to were something is usable but If it something I wanna keep I want it to fit me the way I want to use it .
A while back I assembled my first AR15 . I had shot one before but never owned one and for the most part this was a M4 ish milspec ish build .

The first thing I decided was that I was not comfortable shooting the gun .
The first thing I noticed was that when shooting in my preferred stance . My wrist was at a uncomfortable angle and I didn't like the position of my elbow or the angle my arm was bending at .
I was really kinda shocked as I have guns with a similar length .
After doing some comparisons to other rifles I have with pistol grips I came to the conclusion to make it more usable I needed a more vertical grip angle .
What I also realized was that to get what I really wanted and what comfortable with I was gonna a longer length of pull .
I being a cheap Individual Most of the Collapsible stock options cost more than I want to spend and were not gonna let me gain the inch + that I wanted .
I pretty quickly decided A2 buttstock was the cheapest place to start after hearing about a product from DPMS It was a 1 inch buttstock extender .

Problem was the dang thing was discontinued . " How hard could it be to find one"
At least for me it has been hard to find one new ,used, or otherwise.

In the mix of looking I see Knights Armament was making one but it was discontinued as well .
After looking for several months I finally found some one who is making one .

This wonderful company the answer to my prayers is 
"Buttstock Extender Add's 1/2", 1", 1-1/2", or 2" to Overall Length of buttstock. Can be used with any standard length stock that has a standard length buffer tube."
Hallelujah .

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Century Arms C308 basic forearm options . Cetme G3 HK91

Well lets start with what fits:

 Replacing forearms " front handgaurd " may require a little fitting like some sanding , filing or a Dremel maybe handy if it was desighned for the HK G3 or HK91  .

Cetme rifle sight bases " triple trees " have a raised ridge that fits under the forearm the HK91 does not. As you can see the ridge has been removed from  the sight base on the right side to allow a better fit  . I find it easier and preferable to remove material from the forearm to make them fit .

Early Cetme rifles used a ventilated sheet metal forearm
 with a built in Bipod like the one  pictured above.
They are a bit uncommon but I'm sure if a person looks they can find one .

Wood forearms are available and were used on the Cetme, G3 and HK91 .
 There seems to be several variations .
The Cetme forearms seem to be retained buy a screw that passes through the front of the front of the forearm and HK types seem to use push pins .  They are pretty easy to get a hold of but condition varies along with the price . 

Century Arms C308's have came with Plastic Forearms based On the G3/HK91 slim forearms but they are not a perfect copy . The number one difference is they lack a internal metal heat shield and tend to heat up faster during sustained fire.

The G3 plastic slim forearms are available in pretty good shape for very low prices in a variety of colors and are therefore a great way to change the Look of your C308 without spending a lot of money .

G3 wide forearm with bipod popular and expensive . 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Clerke Technic Corp. to Serrifle Inc. to J.A. Clerke Company ?

Well been digging on more info about the Clerke 1st pistol . Looks like John Clerke was busy .

Clerke Technic Corp. Overview

Clerke Technic Corp. filed as an Articles of Incorporation in the State of California and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately forty-five years ago on Monday, August 14, 1972 as recorded in documents filed with California Secretary of State.Known Addresses

Serrifile, Inc. Overview

Serrifile, Inc. filed as an Articles of Incorporation in the State of California and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately forty years ago on Friday, August 26, 1977 , according to public records filed with California Secretary of State.
Known Addresses

J. A. Clerke Company Overview

J. A. Clerke Company filed as an Articles of Incorporation in the State of California and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately thirty-one years ago on Thursday, April 24, 1986 , according to public records filed with California Secretary of State.
Known Addresses

Clerke International Arms, LLC Overview

This profile for Clerke International Arms, LLC is located in Raton, NM.
Clerke International Arms, LLC industry is listed as Mfg Misc Fabricated Metal Products.
Known Addresses

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Clerke 1ST has a brother the Terrier one by Serrifile Inc.

The Clerke 1st brother the 
Serrifile Inc. 

.32 S&W cal., double action, 2 1/4 in. barrel, 5 shot, nickel-plated, 17 oz. Mfg. 1984-87. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Cetme G3 HK-91 PTR91 C308 magazines List :

Magazines galore :

Now the Cetme and G3/HK91 pattern rifles can swap magazines but the Cetme magazine well can be a few thousandths deeper than the G3 magazines are designed for but with a quick swipe of the file they can normally be used .

This is not a complete list I'm sure

5 Rd steel Cetme $10.00-$25.00

5 Rd steel HK G3    <$32.95

5 Rd aluminum HK G3 $29.95

10 Rd steel HK G3 $49.95

10 Rd aluminum HK G3 $39.95

10 Rd polymer Thermold G3 $13.25- $19.95

15 Rd aluminum G3 $37.95

20 Rd steel Cetme $3.96,-vg,-used.-p-2415.html

20 Rd steel HK G3  $4.95 - $9.95

20 Rd aluminum HK G3  $4.97 -$9.95

20 Rd polymer  Thermold G3 $13.99_$19.95

30 Rd steel cetme $??.??

30 Rd African magazine Looks like a HK $???.??

30 Rd steel HK G3 $89.95

30 Rd steel National Magazine Inc. G3 $9.97

40 Rd steel HK RTDS G3 $79.99

50 Rd polymer drum  X products  $249.99

100 Rd polymer Beta company drum $450.00

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Clerke revolver by Technicorp

I suppose If you have come across this post its because one of these guns came into your possession .

They are a neat little gun and are shiny as can be . 

The Clerke pistols are interesting pieces in history , being one of the first Saturday Night Specials . 

It was manufactured in response to a portion of the Gun control act of 1968 known as the "sporting purposes" standard for imported firearms. For the most part they made a list of features , calibers and other things they didn't like .

Now don't get me wrong there some good things GCA of 1968 did but most are pretty bogus and should have been beyond government control .

Moving on...........

 The check list prevented small ,low cost and concealable pistols that were being imported to no longer be available   . For the most part Domestic gun manufactures were pleased as the public pretty much had to buy what they were selling "normally at much higher prices "  .

With the void created my the GCA of 1968 new manufactures seen opportunity and started making firearms to fill the void . 

There Is loads of info out there about many of the Manufactures of Saturday Night Special pistols and the  Ring Of Fire pistols as well out their .

Sadly there really isn't a  whole lot on   Clerke Technicorp in one place "guess I'm trying to change that " .

So here Is the Basic info I can find .

Clerke Technicorp

Santa Monica, CA (1971)
Company later relocated to florida

Revolvers seem to be considered Possibly the Worst revolver ever 

Caliber seem to be .32 S&W and .22LR 

Capacity 5 rounds of .32 S&W 6 rounds .22LR

Semi auto Pistols:

Calibers .22LR and .380 ACP

That"s all I know 

They exist And some seem to go for a pretty penny and were available in various common calibers .

They were mentioned in a article From the New York Times June,20,1975 Main bit of info Here is that they sold for less than $20 dollars when new.

Apparently Serial Number 1 was a gold plated gift to the plant Manager

Friday, February 3, 2017

Upgrading the trigger on your Century Arms C308 is pretty simple it just takes money . $65 - $70
Bill springfield does a impressive job reworking Cetme and G3/HK91 trigger groups and for a good price .

CETME - Trigger creep reduced up to 94%+, rough feel is smoothed out, pull weight reduced 50 to 60% from the factory 10 to 12 lbs pull. Sear bar is unitized to the trigger to eliminate trigger slop $65, option to reduce trigger over travel add $4. The complete pistol grip is needed. $80 +
Williams triggers list there trigger pull weight at 4-5# and if you have a HK91 trigger assembly and safety lever you want to use there trigger work on them is a bit cheaper . $169.95 +

PTR, HK91 - .308 Enhanced Trigger Pack - Match

Each trigger pack has been customized by the famed & renowned HK trigger smith, Bill Springfield. Trigger slack take up is eliminated and over travel is reduced. Pull weight averages 5-6 lbs, trigger creep is greatly reduced to a very short, smooth, crisp hammer release. 
Note: you will need a G3/hk91 safety lever to go with this pack .  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Century Arms C308 : Hope I can find this kind of accuracy with the right ammo.

I was a bit curious about what the Century Arms C308 accuracy potential was .
I figured I would be happy if it was less than 6 MOA .
But as more reviews are popping up every week It may very well be more accurate than what I thought "with the right ammo" .  

So here are a few quotes from reviews and links to the articals 

I shot the C308 from prone at 100 yards. Five-shot groups from the C308 averaged just under 3.5 inches, with some loads from Black Hills and Federal shooting into just over 2 inches. The best group, produced with the 175-grain Black Hills load, measured 1.55 inches, followed closely by a Federal Gold Medal Match group measuring 1.58 inches.

The best group, shot, like all of these groups, at 100 yards with sandbag rests and the Lucid L5 rifle scope mounted to the rail, was turned in by HotShot’s 146 grain .308:

Best accuracy at 100 yards was achieved with Buffalo Bore 175-Grain Sniper ammo, but handloads, Set Point, and Federal Gold Match did almost as well.

The steel-cased Wolf ammo I had on hand was fun but not particularly accurate, delivering around 3.5-inch groups. My best was actually a 1.3-inch group with Hornady Zombie Max ammo

Can't wait till I have a wide enough selection to spend a day seeing what will do the best in my rifle .

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Cetme / Century C308 spare parts are cheap .

I am a self admitted pack rat  and I can be a bit obsessive when I find something interesting .

I don't think I have bought one gun with out buying accessories for it  .

Spare parts are something I like to keep around and some don't count them as accessories but I do . Parts kits for the Cetme rifles are cheap " well even parts individually are pretty cheap".

CETME Model C Parts Kit, .308/7.62mm 

Everything but a barrel and receiver "yes a few parts need converted to semi auto " and now you have a wood stock set  so you add some color to your all black  C308

>< $174.99

CETME Model C Rifle Armorer's Kit, 7.62X51

These are loaded with good parts and tools . Now whats actually included is a luck of the draw deal but normally the part listed most frequently missing is the magazine loader .