Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My list of recommended upgrades and modification for the Redcat Racing Ground Pounder ( part 2)

To continue on my recommended upgrade and modification list .

I figure the next area I want to focus on is the front and rear axles .

All over the internet you can read about people who have broke axle housings on the Ground Pounder but to be honest I feel most of the breakages could easily be avoided by making a few modifications .

Modification number 1:
Drill out all the screw holes in the axle halves so that 3 mm  screws will pass through with little to no resistance . Next install longer 3 mm screws that will allow a small diameter washer and a nut to be installed .


The holes in the axles are small and require the screws to be threaded through both halves of the assembly .
Drilling out the holes speeds up assembly.
I also feel this clamps the axle halves better and increases the rigidity of the assembly and makes the halves act  more as one unit  .

Modification number 2:
Shimming the differential and ring and pinion is the next modification I would recommend . Shimming the ring and pinion gears is about give and take . I recommend adding shims to the side bearing of the differential till there is no side to side play . I then move shims from left to right and right to left till the pinion and ring gear mesh with just a tiny bit of play . Adding shims behind the pinion can move the pinion inward increase the contact area and the strength of the ring and pinion .  So moving the pinion inward is a good thing . The main cause of compromise in shimming is binding when the steering knuckles are turned as the dog bones are a couple millimeters 2 long for perfect differential placement  , at least in my experiences .  As a finishing touch I also shimmed the pinion on the outside so it can not move inward by putting a brass bushing between the bearing and the drive shaft yoke . I sanded the bushing to make it the right thickness .

Modification number 3:
Clean the Grease out of the differential  and fill them with silicon oil . Currently I'm  using 5000 wt hot bodies diff oil in the  rear and 3000 wt HB oil in the front . "I'm considering going to thicker diff fluid in the future"   Even using the 3000 wt and the 5000wt  oils I can say stability and drive ability have increased greatly due to the reduction in tire ballooning when weight shifts off a tire and for mud and snow it will keep you chugging forward with authority  .

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