Friday, February 5, 2016

Phoenix Hp22 hp25 wood grips from

I purchased These grips from Ebay but the gentleman who made them also sells them on his website The pictures on Ebay and on the site make the grips look very attractive .

Over all I am very happy that with the grips . The fit is excellent in my opinion requiring no filing or modifications of anytype .

They do swell the width of the grip area and have a contour at the edges that make the grip feel less blocky .

 I wouldn't say they are better than my  hogue grip sleeve that I have installed on my silver model as I feel  It does offer a surer and firmer grip .

But I find myself thinking that the wood grips would be better for someone thinking of using the HP25 as a pocket carry,conceal carry , etc  or if you're like me and just like how they look .